Mother to Mother Ministry Services

Monthly Reflection Meetings

The once a month meetings are called Reflection Meetings. The meetings are held at the First Christian Church at 705 E. Centennial, Pittsburg, Kansas.

The meetings are designed for fellowship and sharing. Meals are provided at the meetings where mothers talk for 30 minutes.

Outside speakers present talks on topics of interest to members such as parenting, relationships, health care, etc.

The teams are strongly encourage to come to the Reflection Meetings.



Moms In Need Of Mentoring 

And Support



Moms Offering Mentoring

And Suppoort

Volunteer MOMAS amd Board Members are crucial to the success of Mother to Mother Ministry.

Pittsburg Mother to Mother Ministry does not have enough MOMAS. We are always willing to take assistance. We all have experiences that we can share with other people. We all can benefit from learning what it is like to be in a situation like some of the MINOMAS are in.

Monetary donations allow us to ensure quality programs at our monthly Reflection Meetings that provide essential information needed to live a productive and healthy life.

If you would like more information or to volunteer, please contact our office at 620.605.2565 or email us.

Our Volunteers

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