Mother to Mother

Mother to Mother Ministry assists caregivers of minor children through supportive friendships that promote family growth. 

Qualifications for MOMAS

Moms Offering Mentoring And Support

  • is a woman who enjoys sharing her life experiences in a variety of ways and wishes to teach with other women for mutual benefit

  • has support systems in her own life and is willing to offer the same to others who are lacking this

  • can work aspart of a team and is willing to seek assistance when necessary

  • is willing to commit to a minimu m 6-month involvement

  • is a woman passionate about the growth and nurturing of healthy families


Please note: People with past or present history of criminal activity (felony offenses) are not suitable for either role.

Moms In Need Of Mentoring And Support

  • has minor children

  • has need of support in one or more areas of life

  • is open to the possibility of improvement if given encouragement and emotional support

  • is willing to commit to a minimum 6-month involvement

  • has no complex or serious problems such as severe mental illness, drug abuse, etc. that is not being treated

  • is NOT involved in relationships that may potentially put her life or the life of her MOMAS in danger.


Please note: People with past or present history of criminal activity (felony offenses) are not suitable for either role.

MtMM Helpful Hints

Set a time for your next meting at your first meeting.


Try to find a regular meeting day and time early in the relationship. Bring your calendars each time you get together, so you can easily set up the next meeting. This avoids inconsistency in the meetings.


Talk early on about what you would each like to bring to, as well as receive from, the relationship. When you feel comfortable with each other, share your journey - where you have been, where you are being led, and how you can encourage and support each other. Uplift each other, and remember to talk only about yourselves.


The basic unit of Mother to Mother Ministry is the team, compromised of a MINOMAS and her MOMAS. This intentional friendship seeks to be beneficial to all members.

The team members agree to a 6-month to 1-year involvement in the mentoring relationship. They agree to make contact once a week with each other and meet a minimum of once a month. They agree to do activities together that demonstrate their positive regard. Examples include: work on goals, learn a new skill, attend church functions together, pray for each other, go out for coffee or a meal together and spend time in each other's homes. 

The teams will make every effort to keep the relationship fun, accepting, and supportive. They will respect each other's privacy and confidences (just between the two of them) unless they agree it is OK to share with someone else. They will not gossip. They are committed to the friendship. They will make every effort to attend the Reflection Meetings.

On the anniversary of the original covenant, the team will meet with the coordinator for evaluation of the commitment and re-covenant for another 6-month to 1-year or have closure in MtMM but still remain friends, whichever is agreed upon. During this time, the team will discuss what has been helpful and what has not. Everyone will be asked to tell one positive thing that has happened as a result of being in Mother to Mother Ministry.

Qualifications for MINOMAS

Mother to Mother Ministry Basics

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