Mother to Mother Ministry History

Mother to Mother Ministry of Pittsburg, Kansas (MtMM) was founded in 1988 by the late Mrs. Frances Beauchamp Jones (1921 - 1999) along with a group of Christian Church women (Church Women United). It was an outgrowth of the National Mother to Mother Ministry, which began in 1969 as part of the Change through Involvement Program of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Kansas Mother to Mother Ministry which was founded inDodge City in 1987. 


Dee Wallace was the first coordinator. Thelma Wuerdeman, who had joined MtMM as a support mother in 1990 served as co-coordinator  with Frances Beauchamp Jones from 1992 to 1997.


The mission statement was as follows: " provide opportunities for individuals of different racial/ethinic, religious, and economic backgrounds to gather in friendship. By offering support or simply sharing life experiences, people learn from one another. These new friendships empower participants to nurture health families and to grow as both individuals and members of society."

The key elements of Mother to Mother (MtMM) are the teams and their relationships, the gathering-together-as-a-group times, the coordinator, and the board. The teams are comprised of a Mom In Need Of Mentoring And Support (MINOMAS) and a Mom Offering Mentoring And Support (MOMAS). The once a month meetings are called Reflection Meetings and currently meet at the First Christian Church at 705 E. Centennial, Pittsburg, Kansas.


The meetings are designed for fellowship and sharing with a meal provided. There is an outside speaker who presents topics of interest to our members (parenting, relationships, health care, etc.). MtMM stongly encourages the teams to come to the Reflection Meetings.


The board consists of volunteer community members who keep the  ministry financially secure,  help organize big group gatherings, and make policy for the ministry.

Mother to Mother Ministry

Mother to Mother Ministry's mission is to assist caregivers of minor children through supportive friendships that promote family growth.

Mother to Mother Ministry Mission

Mother to Mother Ministry vision is to provide:

  • A chance for everyone involved to grow and learn.

  • Intentional friendships between members that encoureage goal-achieving behavior.

  • Educational programs at monthly meetings aimed at personal and family health and wellness as well as increased self-sufficiency.

  • Support to help improve the lives of all families involved.

  • A referral system to community services and reosurces when needed.



Family Growth Through Friendship

Mother to Mother Ministry Vision


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